My favorite music producer of all time is a man named Trevor Horn. With the exception of Kraftwerk, I believe Horn was the first record producer to realize the true potential of electronic music and utilize the advances in technology,  producing almost every single act he signed to his labeZang Tuum Tumb Records. In fact, he was almost every act on the label. But I’m barely scratching the surface of how influential and innovative this man has been to music and and how we advertise and market it. He revolutionized the industry, he created the producer as mogul/artist/celebrity ethos for the modern age. I find it oddly ironic that he more or less can be considered (in my not-so humble opinion lol) ‘responsible’ for everything I love in music yet you can point a finger directly at him and blame him or at least his success and actions for the terrible state music is in today.

The Art of Noise’s  brilliant ‘Close To The Edit’ video was a huge hit and in heavy rotation on MTV during the 80’s. It clearly displays electronic music’s supremacy and domination over popular culture as characters in the video (including a little girl in a punk rock outfit in an attempt to offend adults – this look was still very shocking and new at the time) metaphorically destroy the ways of old by the act of physically destroying musical instruments with power tools. Everything from a violin to a giant concert piano is trashed.

        You know his face, you know his voice, but I bet when you realize who he is and weekday he’s given us musically out would blow your mind. Not only did he predict the terrible state of the music industry of today way back in the early 80s with his band the Buggles first hit ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ (kids you may know it because & Nicki Minaj rap over the music from it in ‘Check it Out’), he seemed to almost single-handedly make it happen being one of the first people to hire models to be in a band instead of musicians and produced every song himself. The result was Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Six band members none of which played a single note on their album. I can’t remember another producer before Trevor Horn that intentionally and more importantly publicly did such things.

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